Perpetual Son


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She pulled me in with her eyes
Oh my, did I die
It’s like I never knew life
Prior, to that time..

It’s like, you die and then you wake into the night
And so it goes, like the story told from the start
You see the light? You see the stars?
It’s all a part of me, and my life
And when it’s there, do you stare?
Or do you try to hide?


When you’re scared, do you stare?
Stand bare with everything you’re not
And when you are, who you are, it’s only then when you’ll realise
That all your life, all the trees, with all the drugs, the bees; we’ll all die
And when they catch
All your breath
It’s only then when you’ll feel alive

The priests deceive the life that we gave
So sit tight my love and behave
When you’re waiting, your eyes will wild off
You’re already away

In pieces
My peace sign’s been offering
Don’t hold back
Your whole life’s inviting me
Now drop the tab
Perceive, there’s no stopping me
I’ll be the eye in your head.
Now let go
(of) this world, it’s all apparently
False hopes and dreams, that don’t mean shit to me
When you’ve walked the unknown for so long, then the-
World builds in your hands


released September 4, 2013
Mixed/Mastered/Produced by Gerard Dulay
Bass guitar performed by Jakey Assange.
Heavy distorted/octaved guitar performed by Michael Pasterfield
Trumpet and Gym Equipment* performed and recorded by 'Tricio.

*Dumb bells, chains, weights, garage door.



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TRYPS Sydney, Australia

TRYPS is a band from Sydney, AUS and it is the psychedelic rock project of Gerard Dulay.

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